EDGE Strength and Conditioning

Our Cutting EDGE Strength and Conditioning program is geared towards those looking to improve their performance in fitness, wellness, and sports. Our coaches work with kids, young adults, and collegiate athletes to improve upon metabolic conditioning, lifting techniques, and endurance that will transfer to competitive sports and recreational activities alike. This program offers classes, semi-private sessions, and 1:1 sessions to accommodate all training.

Group Classes: Cutting EDGE Classes are a great way for kids and young adults to work in groups with their peers. We recommend classes to anyone looking for friendly competition, motivational support, and to meet new friends. Classes have a set schedule within a 4 week training block and start dates are flexible to accommodate sports and extracurricular activities.

Semi Private Training: Our semi-private training program encompasses all of the training modalities, drills, and games as our Cutting EDGE classes but within a smaller, more private setting. This is a great way for kids and young adults to train with a group of friends or teammates who have similar goals. These sessions offer training plans that best fit the groups’ needs and a flexible schedule with a designated coach.

1:1 Personal Training: 1:1 Personal Training is offered to kids and young adults who are looking to advance their training to the next level with an individualized plan created specifically for their goals. 1:1 plans can include strength, conditioning or a combination of both and frequency/duration of sessions are completely customizable. Coaches will help to recommend a training plan based on the individual’s assessment and goals.

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