Physical Therapy Virtual Services

The EDGE has launched a new Telehealth Physical Therapy service.  Our ZOOM platform is HIPAA-compliant for enhanced security.  The interactive video and audio through your computer, tablet, or smartphone is easy to use without any additional software required.  Many insurance companies are covering telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis just like if you came into the clinic; we are happy to verify your plan’s coverage before starting.

Click the link to request a Telehealth PT appointment and we will contact you to schedule at your convenience.

Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication technology connecting a provider and a patient for the remote delivery of health care services.  For Physical Therapy, telehealth must use video and audio – talking or emailing alone doesn’t count.  Telehealth is a simple and secure way to interact with your therapist with the added safety and convenience of not venturing out.

Why should I have a telehealth PT appointment now, rather than just wait it out?

A telehealth Physical Therapy appointment is one way to maintain a sense of normalcy during this turbulent time.  Telehealth has been shown to produce good outcomes in rehabilitation.  Getting professional advice for your injury or following a surgery ensures you’re doing everything you can do recover quickly and safely.  And in many cases, like following a surgery, adhering to a rehab protocol is critical to ensuring success!

What equipment do I need?

We use the HIPPA-compliant, medical version of ZOOM, the popular online service that works with any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera.  We email you a secure, personalized link before each appointment that connects you straight to our “meeting.”  There is no additional cost to you for using ZOOM outside of our normal billing for PT services.

How do I prepare for my telehealth PT session?

Watch this video to learn the basics of ZOOM; things like how to enable your video and audio, how to use mute to eliminate background noise, and how to troubleshoot minor issues.

Find a safe and comfortable space for the meeting.  Have any rehab equipment you might use handy – bands, weights, etc.  Dress comfortably for movement.  To optimize security, connect on your private WiFi network.

Connect using your computer:

  • Open our email and click on the ZOOM link to that day’s meeting.  It will automatically open our ZOOM meeting in an internet browser.
  • You must enter the security code provided in our email.
  • Click on “Enable Video” and turn your sound on.

Connect using your smartphone or tablet:

  • Download the free ZOOM app in the App Store, or click the meeting link from your email and follow the prompts to download it.
  • Once you have the app you will not need to complete this step for future appointments; the app will launch automatically.

What might the session entail?

Telehealth PT is very similar to in-person treatment in many ways.  We take a history and learn about what’s happening with you.  We watch and analyze your movement.  We prescribe and update your exercise program so they’re safe, effective, and specific!  We send home exercise programs right to your phone or computer.  We give a professional opinion on your options and plan of care.  We focus on educating and empowering you to keep things moving forward!

Can I have a telehealth PT appointment as a new patient, or for a new injury?

Yes.  Many issues can be safely and effectively evaluated through telehealth.  We can discuss your case by phone beforehand to ensure it’s appropriate.  In all cases, an initial evaluation is required for new injuries.  Many insurance companies are covering telehealth physical therapy from start-to-finish.  However, if the evaluation is not covered by insurance, you can pay out-of-pocket for that initial evaluation and use insurance for follow-up appointments.

How long might the session last?  How often might I have a session?

Most sessions will last between 20 and 45 minutes.  Evaluations are typically 30-60 minutes.  Frequency depends on your injury and the plan developed between you and your therapist.

Can I see the same PT for telehealth that I saw in the clinic?

Yes you can! We understand that the relationship between patient and provider is special and is the foundation of a successful rehab. We pride ourselves on nurturing those relationships and wish them to continue indefinitely. If for some reason your usual PT provider is not available, we will arrange for you to be seen by another provider from the practice.

Can I have in-person PT care and telehealth PT care at the same time?

Yes – we’re seeing patients at all 5 of our clinics, and we’re also seeing patients remotely on ZOOM for telehealth.

How does billing work for telehealth PT sessions?  Will my insurance pay?

Many private insurance companies are covering telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis just like if you came into the clinic; we are happy to verify your plan’s coverage before starting.  We recommend you verify along with us and determine the coverage from your plan.  All deductibles, co-insurances, and co-pays apply to telehealth just like they do for in-clinic care, and you are responsible for those balances.  You can pay online through our secure portal at

Is there paperwork to fill out? 

Yes.  We will email you the required paperwork for you to review, sign, and return by email.  If you’re an existing patient of ours, all that is required is a signed consent form.

How do I request an appointment?

Click the link to request a Telehealth PT appointment and we will contact you to schedule at your convenience.

For more information or to request an appointment, please fill out the electronic form below.

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