We are offering several LIVE EDGE Group Fitness classes this week!

EDGE Live Stream Class Schedule

Tuesday 5/26 9:00 am
Wednesday 5/27
9:00 am BODYFLOW w/Michelle
5:45 pm ZUMBA w/Jenn & Christian via Zoom (same log in info as last week)
Thursday 5/28
10:00 am Boxing w/Courtney
Friday 5/29
9:00 am HIIT w/Kim
Saturday 5/30
9:30 am BODYCOMBAT w/Courtney
Sunday 5/31
9:00 am BODYFLOW w/Michelle
All classes except Zumba are on the EDGE Group Fit Facebook Live.

We’ve had a ton of fun working out with you and we’re excited to continue next week!

If you can’t make the live time slots, check out The EDGE Group Fitness page videos for recordings of our live classes!

Virtual Group Exercise

Are you ready to get moving at home? We’re here to help!

We know that staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy.

The EDGE has teamed up with LesMills to offer this free option to help keep you active and working out at home. This platform offers 95 free workouts across 8 categories. All the workouts are easy to follow with visual cues.

During this time you have a couple of options for workouts:

At-Home Workouts:
Les Mills has made 95 different workouts available for free during this time. While different from “on demand” this includes some great options.
This option includes BORN TO MOVE FOR KIDS!


On-Demand Workouts:
This offer is good for 60 days free and only $9.99/month after the no obligation 60 day trial. Lots of options to keep working out while not able to be at the club!


Classes with Edge Instructors:

Older Adult/Senior Workout with Brian      45 minutes


GRIT Cardio 1 with Kari      30 minutes


Live Stream YOGA FLOW with Debbie      1 hour


Live Stream BODYCOMBAT with Courtney      45 minutes


Live Stream BODYFLOW with Michelle  55 minutes


Live Stream BODYPUMP with Janet      55 minutes


Live Stream CARDIO & STRENGTH with MaKeey      1 hour


GRIT Cardio 2  with Kari      30 minutes


Live Stream BODYFLOW Flexibility with Michelle      30 minutes


Live Stream BODYCOMBAT with Courtney      55 minutes


Live Stream CXWORX with Michelle      30 minutes


Live Stream BOXING Workout with Courtney      1 hour


For Questions Contact: MichelleR@edgevt.com