Spine Care


Ergonomic programs help you find the safest way to set up your workstation to match your body. Home desks and offices can have subtle changes made to decrease repetitive stress and strain on your body.  We can identify improper or risky body mechanics in any workplace to help decrease your risk for injury.  We can provide education in our office or come to your space to ensure you are working as safely as possible.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Edge Physical Therapy can assist you in your recovery from injuries that have occurred from a motor vehicle accident. These injuries could include neck pain, lower back pain, fractures, contusions, sprains and strains, or whiplash to name a few. Besides treating your injuries, our staff contacts your physician and insurance company to help optimize your care. We will aid with any questions regarding benefits and submit your bills accordingly in an effort to make the rehabilitation process as stress-free as possible.

Postural Restoration

Postural Restoration is a unique treatment approach which uses specific exercises and manual techniques to correct postural asymmetries and eliminate unwanted muscle tension in the body. Using this approach speeds up the healing process often impeded by this muscle tension and prevents recurrence of injury by addressing underlying strength imbalances. Our therapists are trained specifically in the use of this treatment, which can be used for a variety of diagnoses including low back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, arthritis, chronic pain syndromes, and a variety of orthopedic issues.

Pre/Post-natal Physical Therapy

Pre/post-natal Physical Therapy is appropriate for patients who may experience pain or difficulties related to their pregnancies. Here at The EDGE, we work with patients to help improve the way their body feels throughout their pregnancy and to address common pains and symptoms related to pregnancy. This is done through body mechanics training, postural education (corrections and adaptations), strengthening and stretching exercises with a focus on Pilates based exercises. These exercises focus on supporting the naturally growing pregnant body. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to return to pre-pregnancy form. We can also help new moms reconnect with their new bodies to get them back to their regular routines. This is done through slow, gradual progressive exercises and training.

Workers Comp Cases

The Edge Physical Therapy accepts all Workers Compensation cases and claims. We strive to provide our patients with a return-to-work plan that gets you back to your job quickly and safely. Our Physical Therapists use clinical techniques including modalities, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercise along with functional tasks that replicate job related activities to restore optimum function. We work closely with Workers Compensation case managers, employers and doctors for comprehensive medical care.