At The Edge Physical Therapy we offer the most comprehensive physical therapy services for patients with arthritis to keep them moving and feeling their best. Our staff works closely with doctors to treat their non-surgical and surgical patients. During your evaluation we will assess your joint function, pain, flexibility and strength. Treatment includes exercise recommendations that are safe for your joints and unique to your needs. This may include aquatic therapy and land-based exercise. We educate you about how to manage your pain and protect your joints from further wear and tear. If you are having significant pain we will utilize a variety of treatments such as heat, ice, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and massage to help reduce your pain and get you moving again. In addition to physical therapy, our fitness facilities offer many pool and land exercise classes that are designed specifically for people with arthritis, providing you with a way to continue your rehabilitation.

Chronic Pain

Even in these days of medical miracles, there are patients whose condition leaves them living with chronic pain. Our gentle and compassionate therapists at Edge Physical Therapy work to reduce anxiety, suffering, and dependence on medications. Approaches to chronic pain include pain neuroscience education, self-help techniques, self-administered electrical stimulation, manual therapies and exercise. We know how important it is to prevent weakness and muscle wasting due to inactivity. Aquatic therapy is available at The Edge Physical Therapy, including moderate and warm temperature pools. The benefits of aquatics include the gentle support and resistance for strengthening and aerobic conditioning to stimulate hormones that naturally reduce pain. We treat flare-ups with the latest mechanical and manual therapy techniques, and leave every patient with an independent program for managing pain long-term.

Pre and Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy may be advised before a scheduled surgery to minimize swelling, increase joint range of motion, improve muscle strength and flexibility. This provides a head start on rehabilitation, making post-op exercises easier and the recovery process quicker. Often recommendations to help make sure your house is as safe as possible following surgery and teaching you how to use a cane, crutches or a walker are included to ensure the easiest recovery possible. After surgery it’s very important to work on your rehabilitation with a skilled Physical Therapist who can assess your needs, choose appropriate treatments and activities for you, communicate with your surgeon, and safely help you progress toward a full recovery as quickly as possible. Our PT’s have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of post-operative rehabilitation (tendon repair, joint replacement, ligament repair, fracture fixation, spinal fusion etc). Our experience, combined with our excellent hands-on skills, close relationships with surgeons, and our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, make us the best choice to help you with your recovery.

Total Joint Replacements

Our comprehensive program at The Edge Physical Therapy treats all phases of joint replacement rehabilitation. Pre-operative sessions may be scheduled to decrease inflammation, improve strength and range of motion, and will focus on patient education about the surgery, safety in the home following surgery and the rehabilitation process. The post-operative phase emphasizes early intervention to maximize results. The program combines aquatic and land-based exercises, manual therapy, and instruction in a home program. Once all goals are met, we help transition patients to an independent program. Discounted rehabilitation memberships to The Edge are also available to allow for continued access to all facilities!