The EDGE Wellness Lounge opened January 1, 2023 at our 142 West Twin Oaks, South Burlington location. This unique space is specifically designed for rest, relaxation and recovery, creating a completely immersive wellness experience. The EDGE Wellness Lounge will feature two state of the art HYDRO Massage beds and one CRYO Lounge (the first in Vermont!). Imagine after playing tennis, taking class or working out, ending with a 15-minute HYDRO or CRYO Massage.

The HYDRO Massage bed delivers: 

  • Temporary relief of minor aches and pains 
  • Enhances the feeling of well-being and relaxation 
  • Relieves muscle soreness, stiffness and tension 
  • Increases circulation 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 

The massage is delivered by heated powerful waves that you can target where you need it most. Whether HYRDO or CRYO, your experience is fully clothed, dry and comfortably supported. 

The CRYO Lounge is a brand-new technology and has many of the same features as the HYDRO Massage however it also has the ability to target your body with cold therapy to relieve sore, stiff and achy muscles as well as a unique leg compression feature for sore legs. Cold and heat treatment can be used during the same session. 
The EDGE remains dedicated to offering our members a balanced approach to health and wellness by encompassing fitness, sports, nutrition, physical therapy, rest, relaxation and recovery. Investments into projects and features such as The EDGE Wellness Lounge assures, we are providing our members with a modern, multifaceted, whole body wellness experience.
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