The EDGE Personal Training

WE ARE more than just a great workout. your health advocate. your sounding board on bad days. your Fitness Fashionista. your unofficial therapist. your REAL health insurance. your running partner when you don’t want to run. a well timed high-five. your moral fitness compass. an after-hours text message reminder to stretch or not to raid the pantry. your catalyst. the family you choose.

Our Services Include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Strength Training
  • Pilates Training
  • Yoga Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning (100 meters to 100 mile racers, triathletes &
    obstacle racing)
  • Injury Rehabilitation (We will work with your Physical Therapist or Doctor)
  • Body Building (Nutrition & Show Prep)
  • Figure Competitions (Nutrition & Show Prep)
  • Bikini Fitness Competitions (Nutrition & Show Prep)
  • Power Lifting
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Small Group Training (Couples or Friends)
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Swim Training
  • Sport-Specific Training

Contact Us

For more information on Personal Training at the Edge please contact:

For our South Burlington locations: Casey Lee at
For our Essex locations: Jodi at
For our Williston Location: Casey Lee at


The purpose of our Fitness Orientation is to make sure our members feel safe, comfortable and knowledgable using the equipment in our Weights & Cardio Areas. Expect this orientation to take an hour or less. By the end, you should have gained knowledge in the following:

Who your Fitness Director is and how they can be reached.

Where to locate the Rules & Regulations of the Fitness Center Area, and how they may apply to you.

How to sign up & use several pieces of cardio machines.

The Password to EDGE GUEST WIFI: edgewifi

What MyZone is and how it could help you reach your goals.
How to download & use the AudioFetch App to listen to our TVs in the Fitness Center.

How to use several, if not all of the circuit machines. Your Certified Personal Trainer may know BETTER ways to show you on some machines, so please be flexible. If you really want to see a particular machine, your trainer will oblige.

Your Personal Trainer will also help you record the correct settings for the machines located on the back of this card, as well as your repetitions & sets per exercise.

Click here to view our Fitness Orientation Schedule.

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