Membership Policies

General Information:

Membership includes use of all available EDGE location. Locations and offerings are subject to change.

Violation of club policies/member code of conduct or staff instructions may result in membership cancellation without refund.

Members and guests must notify The EDGE of any billing errors within 30 days for correction.

Membership Freezes:

A membership may be placed on hold due to injury, illness or travel.

Freezes/membership suspensions may be done in monthly increments for one month or more. All membership freezes/suspensions must be done via email, via form (click here for a link to the form) on or in person with a Membership Director but are not complete until a confirmation email has been received. Freezes come off hold automatically.

Memberships/add-ons that are limited in numbers (currently pickleball as of 11.15.22) are not permitted to be placed on hold.  Members are able to cancel these memberships and may return if space allows.

It is the member’s responsibility to contact a Membership Director for a freeze/suspension extension. The EDGE does not do open-ended freezes.

SimplePay freezes must be submitted by 12:00pm the day before the first day of the month to avoid billing on the first.

Membership Cancellations:

SimplePay memberships continue indefinitely until cancelled by the member with written notice to a Membership Director or by clicking and completing this form. Cancellations are not considered completed until you receive a confirmation email from a Membership Director.

Your account (checking account or credit card) will not be billed for the following month once cancellation notice is given as long as it is submitted by 12:00pm the day before the first day of the following month. Members who miss this deadline will not be refunded due to processing fees.