Training for Warriors

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“What is Training for Warriors?

The TFW system was originally designed for world class Mixed Martial Artists to improve their performance for their sport. In the 20 year history of TFW it has changed a lot and now thousands of everyday people like you in over 30 countries use it to burn fat, build muscle, and feel good!

TFW is a group training program designed to give you the same kind of one on one attention of personal training but with the energy and camaraderie of a group exercise class. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you with your nutrition, exercise form and safety, motivation both inside and outside of the program, as well as accountability. It won’t take long for you to see how different TFW is from all other countless programs out there.

Come in to either our Essex or Williston locations and try your first class free!”

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TFW Foundations are training sessions geared towards teaching new Warriors about the Training for Warriors program as well as troubleshooting technique and programming questions for our Veteran Warriors. We require all new students to complete 6 foundation sessions, 3 Strength and 3 Hurricane, before entering the other training sessions available on the schedule. With the Foundations program, all new students can start at any time and have the flexibility to attend training sessions that fit their schedule.

You can get started with TFW Foundations for only $99! To view our Foundations class schedule, click here. To register for your first Foundations session, please contact Casey Lee at or call the facility directly at 802-488-3278!

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