Lessons & Swim School

Learning to swim is a life skill, and here at the EDGE we are committed to teachinglearners of all ages. The pandemic has changed some of what we do, but we are still able to safely invite swimmers into the pools for lessons.

Private lessons are currently available at all EDGE locations by appointment. You can submit a lesson request HERE.

Group Lessons will begin Saturday, July 25 and will occur every Saturday until August 29 at the Morse Pool in Essex. The schedule will be:

8:00-8:30am Splash 1 (age 6 months -1.5 years)
8:45-9:15am Splash 2 (age 1.5-3 years)
9:30-10:00am Preschool 1 (age 3-5 years)
10:15-10:45am Preschool 2 (age 3-5 years)
11:00-11:30am Preschool 3 (age 3-5 years)
11:45-12:15pm Learn to Swim 1 & 2 (age 5-8 years)
12:30-1:00pm Learn to Swim 3 & 4 (age 6-12 years)

For levels Splash 1 through Learn to Swim 2, a parent or adult guardian must be in the water with the child. This allows for the instructor to maintain physical distance, while the swimmer is supported by the adult if necessary. Swim schools and participants are finding this to be an effective way of learning. The child learns new skills, the adult learns skills that s/he can use in the pool anytime, and everyone progresses.

Questions and to register contact rodneyc@edgevt.com.

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