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EDGE Boxing Class Pricing

$15/class EDGE Member
$20/class EDGE Guest

Purchase 10 classes receive 1 free! (Must purchase all 10 at once)

Intro package (available one time only)
$30/3 classes EDGE Member
$45/3 classes EDGE Guest

Space is limited; sign-ups required for all classes. Signups for classes are 4 days prior. Classes held at our West Twin Oaks Terrace location.

One on one training also available – contact for information and pricing

Program Details

EDGEFitBox: Boxing for everyone! 3 minute rounds of authentic boxing hitting the bag combining proper boxing technique with intervals of cardiovascular, strength, core and/or defensive work. Learn the basics using a progressive approach throughout the workout. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and for boxing beginners as well as those with boxing and or heavy bag experience. Thursday noon class is 45 minutes. Wednesday night class is 55 minutes.

EDGEBeatBox: This 55 min class uses the music to drive the workout and the combinations. Choreographed to the music during this training session you can expect an onslaught of punch combinations mixed with cardio and/or strength intervals. Class finishes with core work and a cool down.

EDGEPowerBox: During this 55 minute class it is you vs. the bag. Intense boxing combinations with dynamic movements for a focus on developing reflexes, timing, agility, power and speed.

EDGEProBox: Led by an experienced boxer, this 55 min training session will combine skill and technique with conditioning for an overall complete boxing workout. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will be incorporated with heavy bag boxing drills to develop fitness as well as boxing ability.

Why box?

Boxing is a perfect combination of strength training and cardio. You will also work on your balance, coordination, reflexes, and agility. Boxing is a full body workout – you will work your hips, legs, shoulders, back, core, and more! Muscular endurance, lower resting heart rate, decreased stress, and improved body composition, are also benefits of boxing workouts.

It looks hard…do I need to be fit already? Do I need boxing experience?

Our bag classes are designed for all fitness levels and for the boxing novice as well as someone with experience. It will be challenging but you can choose to take the options given to increase or decrease the intensity of your training session to challenge you where you are in your fitness journey.

What do I need?

Gloves are provided. You will need to purchase hand wraps (180” is recommended– you can purchase these at the front desk.)
Bring water and a sweat towel (you will sweat!).

In this 45 min class learn how to wrap your hands, basic stance and punches. We will practice hitting the bag followed by a short class demo. The different class formats will be explained.

Sign-ups start 1 week before class.

We strongly recommend bringing your own wraps. Wraps are available for purchase at the front desk. We will provide gloves.This class is free and open to members and non-members.