Lynnette Davis – Master Level Personal Trainer

Phone: 802-598-0137
Certification: IFA Personal Trainer
Experience: 4 years certified
Availability: By appointment only.


NOTHING makes me feel better about my job than my clients swearing at me… giving me mean looks while working out… then stepping on the scale and seeing that it is ALL worth it! I put in 110{ca7ea50e938ecfd11ca7b200ea003b8578f390bd36d69c341a5d4afe9e32fc50} effort for you to achieve your goal… YOU should do the same! Working to failure is good…. failure to work is NOT!

Other Fitness Experience

  • 7 Years of weight training experience
  • Competed in two bodybuilding competitions
  • Competed in two Vermont City Marathons


  • Anyone interested in getting into better shape
  • Muscle definition and toning up


  • Anything cardio
  • Time with family
  • Shopping