How to Get Started

We start all new Parisi families with an athlete evaluation to set a baseline number to build on that helps our coaches recommend the most appropriate programming. The Parisi Evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters the Parisi program. During this session, athletes/parents will have the opportunity to meet the coaches, discuss goals, and create a game plan that best fits the athlete’s needs.

At Parisi Speed School, we typically start new athletes with an Athlete Evaluation/Parent Orientation. During the evaluation, we review injury history, teach the athlete our Active Dynamic Warm Up Routine, and assess their current fitness profile. It’s also a great time for the athlete to meet the coaches, discuss goals and create a game plan that best fits their needs. The Parent Orientation is a session for the family to learn more about the details of the program and ask any further questions. Performance Coaches will then give their best recommendation for the next steps in the program.

The Evaluation/Orientation is complimentary to all new Parisi athletes and is booked by appointment. The session typically takes 60-minutes to complete. You can schedule your Evaluation/Orientation by completing our inquiry form or contacting the Program Director, Jordynne Ales at 802-488-3278 /

Meet the Parisi Coaching Staff

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