Parisi Speed School Powered by The EDGE

Welcome to the Parisi Speed School powered by The EDGE!

Here at Parisi, we focus on achieving two things for our families…

Parisi helps athlete’s achieve their athletic potential, build confidence and learn how fun a healthy lifestyle can be!

Parisi helps parents debunk the myths and misconceptions around youth performance training. We offer the answers that families need when it comes to safe and effective workouts for children.

Sports performance training for youth athletes is not the same as training a fully developed adult. Our evidence based program is designed for helping your child reach their goals and physical potential in the SAFEST way possible.

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  • Exercises we likechin up to slam CONTRAST sets! Athletes need
  • Calm to chaos REAL quick
  • Hoopers in case you were wondering how speed training can
  • Exercises we likeFeet Elevated Ring Rows! Body weight rows are
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  • Congrats to all the kids for making it through the
  • Exercises we likeFigure 8 Medicine Ball Shot Put Throws! Power
  • Exercises we likevalslide wall slide! Wall slide variations are great
  • Dont get it twisted The ladies in the back row


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