What is Kids in Motion?

Kids in Motion is an early childhood sports program that simplifies sports in a way that children can have fun and learn basic skills from licensed coaches. For the 2-5 year olds, we use themes and imagery to help keep the children engaged and excited about playing. In our 5-8 year old classes, we begin to move away from themes and focus on skill development and proper technique.

Where did Kids in Motion come from?

Ryan Campagna, the Director and creator, has worked with children ages 1 year – 12 years old for over twelve years in New York City, Westchester NY, Boston MA and Vermont. Ryan has also trained coaches on how to work with these very different age groups. His passion for coaching and working with young people is the heart of this program. The pilot session of Kids in Motion in June of 2018 was very successful and has us all very excited and motivated going into the fall programing.

What does the registration process look like?

When you go to register for a session, you will see multiple class options that are broken down by age. Find your child’s age group and select the class time that works for you. Each class meets once a week. Sessions can run anywhere from 4 -5 weeks but there will be multiple session each season.

What does a Kids in Motion class look like?

Each class is broken into very specific age groups to ensure the language and activities are appropriate for the children. The length of each class differs based on age and there is a structure that the coaches follow. Consistency is extremely important for the children and parents, especially at this age. Each phase (please see below) has different goals and will be progressive throughout the session. This helps the children become comfortable in class and begin to learn the routine each week. You can see the class structure and class length below:

Length of Class

  • 2 – 3yr olds = 40 minute class
  • 3.5 – 4yr olds = 45 minute class
  • 4.5 – 5yr olds = 50 minute class
  • 5 – 7yr olds = 60 minute class

Kids in Motion Class Structure

  • Intro: Theme and Skill of the day
  • Warm-Up
  • Stretches
  • Skill Activity #1
  • Progression
  • Skill Activity #2
  • Progression
  • Big Game/Scrimmage
  • Recap/Sign-out

What if my child doesn‘t like it or doesn’t even play in the first class of the session?

This is normal! For a lot of children this age, it might be their first organized sports class or activity which can be very intimidating. We ask families to give the program at least three weeks (3 classes) to see if the child will become comfortable with the space, the coach and other little people running/playing alongside them.