First Splash (age 6 mos - 18 mos)


This class gives parents safety information and teaches techniques to help orient their child to the water. First Splash is a bonding experience that will fill instructors, parents and children with lifelong memories.

Preschool (ages 3-5 years)


Designed to give young children a positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience. Preschool 1 is intended to teach basic water skills at the most rudimentary levels. At this level, children start developing good attitudes and safe practices around the water. All skills are preformed with assistance from the instructor.

Level 1 (ages 4 & up)


The objective is to learn basic personal water safety information and skills, to help participants feel comfortable in the water, and to enjoy the water safely. At this level, participants start developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices in and around the water. Independence in the water is still being established in level 1.

Level 2 (ages 4 & up)


Gives participants success with fundamental skills. Participants learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. This marks the beginning of true locomotion skills. Participants further develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg action on the front and back that lay the foundation for future strokes.

Level 3 (ages 4 & up)

Participants learn survival float, front crawl, and elementary backstroke. We introduce scissors and dolphin kicks and build on the fundamentals of treading water. Participants also learn rules for head first entries and begin to do head first entries from a seated position at poolside. As in all level, you present additional safety skills and messages.

Level 4 (ages 4 & up)


Objectives of level 4 are to develop participants’ confidence in the strokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. Participants at this level improve their skills and increase their endurance by swimming greater distances. Participants start to learn side stroke, back crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly, and the basics of turning at the wall.

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