Michael Porter – Master Level Personal Trainer

Email: Michaelp@edgevt.com

Phone: 802.488.3278

Michael received his Bachelors degree in Management from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist through the same organization (NASM).
Prior to his role as Director of the Parisi Speed School, Michael was a Personal Trainer who worked with a wide array of athletes, from the younger child working on the basics of proper technique, coordination & strength and confidence building – to high level athletes looking to take their strength, technique and conditioning to an elite level.
Michael played and excelled at wide array of sports growing up, from team sports, like football, basketball and baseball, to individual sports like ski racing and golf. He contiues to be very active today, as he is an avid skier in the winter and plays golf, soccer and basketball throughout the summer. He also weight trains consistently throughout the year and considers himself a basic nutritionist, as healthy cooking is one of his passions.

He loves to train athletes from any sport and is passionate about teaching kids to establish healthy habits early, which will lead to both short term success in sports as well as long term health and overall well being after their playing careers are over.