Ian Shaw
Personal Trainer

Email: ians@edgevt.com

Head Fitness Consultant – Essex
A.C.S.M. – Certified Personal Trainer
B.S. Clinical Exercise Science
Ithaca College 2014

Please contact for scheduling inquiries.
Email: ians@edgevt.com
802 860-EDGE x1148


I am a firm believer that the future of health care and personal happiness lies in prevention through healthy eating, exercise, intrinsic joy and changing lifestyle habits. My greatest goal in life is to instill this same belief in our population by encouraging people to get up, get active and find joy in some form of health and exercise. Whether you’re training for a competitive event, trying to lose some weight, want to learn how to exercise safely and effectively or just looking for new ways to improve your fitness level, I will teach you how to reach your goals. My training style revolves around taxing both aerobic and anaerobic metabolic systems, while focusing on functional fitness and core strength.