Danika Johnson – Master Level Personal Trainer

Essex Fitness Director

Phone: 802-879-7734 x1177
Email: danikaj@edgevt.com
Certification: AFFA Personal Trainer, MSW, BA Psychology
Experience: 6 Years
Availability: Please contact for availability


My mantra to life is we only get ONE! One body one life…let’s set its potential! Having a psychology background and focusing my studies on the relationship between our mental and physical well-being, I encourage others to build on this relationship and work towards attaining health from all angles. At the age of 11 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. I truly believe this was a blessing in disguise. It has given me the opportunity to face challenges head on, never give up and always persevere. I truly value my health and wellness inside and out, mentally, physically and emotionally. I strive to always bring my best to all of my clients, inspiring them to charge after their goals and bring out their Ultimate Self. Life is way too short to live in negativity or always wonder what we are capable of. So living in the now, taking charge of our choices, our lives, our happiness and creating a life story so rich that people will do anything to read it…that is what I hope to always strive for and motivate others to do!

Other Fitness Experience

  • Hip Hop Dance Instructor
  • OCB Figure Competitor
  • NPC Bikini & Figure Competitor


  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Fitness Modeling
  • Reading
  • Nutrition
  • Dancing