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Welcome to the Parisi Speed School powered by The EDGE! With over 90 locations nationwide, the Parisi Speed School is recognized as the country’s premiere athletic performance enhancement organization for training youth and adolscent athletes. Using techniques that have produced first round draft picks in every major sport as well as Olympic medalists, our specially trained Performance Coaches deliver a positive training experience that improves speed, agility, and strength, as well as character.

Whether training individual athletes or entire teams, athletes see clear results in performance and self-confidence from our programs.

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  • Parisi and saintmichaelscollege have teamed up for the 20192020 academic
  • Exercises we likeMarching Serratus Slides! Arm care and shoulder health
  • We shared this awesome info graphic by scienceforsport yesterday in
  • zoesrace is coming up! 1K kids 5k and 10k options!
  • Exercises we likeMarching Overhead Press! This awesome marching variation helps
  • Why do we crawl? Crawling is one of our foundational
  • Open through Wednesday get ya gains in before the fireworks!
  • Exercises we likeSled Release Sprints! This is an awesome weighted
  • 10am Total Performance11am Total Performance11am Jump Start4pm Total Performance5pm Total
  • Exercises we likeKettlebell Arm Bar! Arm bars check a lot


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