Kids in Motion powered by The EDGE

Kids in Motion is about growing and having fun in a non-competitive and educational environment. Our programs are great for any child aged two through eight and include soccer, lacrosse and creative movement. The programs use a fun and engaging approach that encourages skill development and focuses on simplifying the game for the children. Our goal is to help each child develop gross motor skills, socialization skills, self-confidence and be successful in each class they attend.

Our curriculum uses positive reinforcement and age appropriate activities to guarantee each child is having fun and always looking forward to the next class. Each class focuses on one new skill topic, such as dribbling with different parts of the foot or change of direction. Objectives for this new skill are introduced early and often to ensure that all the children are mastering the skill of the day. In conjunction with children experiencing success and gaining confidence, it is our aim for each child to continually develop these new skills throughout the session.

Developed by Ryan Campagna, Director of Camp EDGE and Kids in Motion

Fall 2019 Schedule

The next Kids in Motion Soccer session will kick off in the fall of 2019 – thank you and see you then!